The Maple was born around the year 1994, Edward and Monica was made up, as a contribution to the vegetarian community in a colonial house now overthrown, with a friendly, simple but cozy, offering vegetarian dishes, always with a view to potentially satisfy to the most discerning palates.

Innovative and constantly evolving, The Maple sought ways to improve quality and service, started in 1997 in the heart of the marshal, in the area called Pink Ecuadorian capital (Calama and Juan L. Mera), amid the best city environment, place where tourists from around the world visited him and spread his message through guidebooks. Many still remember him and tell their pleasant experiences in this place.

Now, Monica, and Michelle, mother and daughter, continue to shape this wonderful idea for it with effort and contingent, found the right place, that a project of this size needed, a home that meets all the elements to keep this dream , in the same area, at present, is located in e7-68 JoaquĆ­n Pinto and Diego de Almagro. A short walk from the famous Plaza Foch as “near and distant noise that characterizes the capital area.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from friends and professionals who have contributed in different areas such as: design, home, nutrition and on par with the technology of this era, to achieve its objective.

With its slogan initial health food, now innovated by Get Healty, achieved in the Ecuadorian market position as one of the best vegetarian and, why not, repeat what you say many foreign visitors: The Maple, already part of the list the best vegetarian restaurants in Latin America.